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Who are these guys anyway?

Michigan’s Best Entertainment is the logical progression of over 35 years of experience coming together to provide the type of service WE would expect. While we will always take your needs and desires seriously, our lighthearted nature keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously. Ego’s are set aside to provide you with the best possible service in Michigan.



11221347_10153612178494693_4876836340397750360_nScott Hancock

Scott has been performing in public since he was a child. But, it wasn’t until he was 17 to finally start getting paid to do so. He has spent his entire adult life in service as a professional DJ at private parties, clubs and venues. In addition to DJing, Scott spent over 15 years at radio and TV stations in Ann Arbor, Saginaw and Detroit winning multiple industry  awards for his production abilities. He is a studio rat by nature and is incredibly picky about sound, whether that be at a live event, recording a singer, or mixing a simple commercial. When not obsessing over audio, He enjoys cooking, camping and spending time with his beautiful wife to whom he has been married to for 21 years, their 5 kids and their St. Bernard Ava.







10256997_10207995325900364_3516689703209715499_nRyan Maceri

Ryan entered the realm of music at a very early age. He started off playing piano and shortly after started on guitar. After learning how to play, a ton of songs later, he decided to start writing his own music and has done so ever since, forming the band “MACERI”. Currently, Ryan has 2 albums out which you can find on iTunes, Spotify, ect…. Studio recording also became a passion of his while recording his first album and decided to dig more into the art. To date, Ryan has built up the knowledge, equipment and skill to record/mix an acoustic act to full band recording, live or in studio. Mixing his skills and love for music, Ryan has helped many artists capture their unique sound in studio that has them coming back for more!






DJ Head Shot 1Kevin “DJ HEAD” Bell

All the way Live From Detroit, Grammy award winning, Diamond certified DJ/Producer DJ Head has been moving you in some way for over 2 decades.  The Journey began by being raised on  Detroit music from Motown to MoJo. Being a student at the Detroit Community Music School he would begin to learn his craft with piano lessons.   Fast forward some years, after Piano Lessons, School Bands, Carrying crates for  DJ’s and Collecting Records,  DJ Head’s turn was soon to come. He would attend  Michigan State University where he started to develop his DJing and productions skills.  Those years of  honing skills and random acquaintances started to pay off throughout college. It led to a college radio mix show on WDBM, and Spinning Campus Parties and Events. While in college, He would eventually reconnect with some one he met in grade school. That person went by the name “Proof.”  Upon graduating from MSU, DJ Head would continue to perform throughout Detroit from the HipHop Shop to Saint Andrew weekly. Those weekly gigs around town would help reconnect him with multiple other people that crossed his paths throughout the years. From being the Open Mic DJ at the Hip Hop Shop in the 90s he would be in the core of the Detroit music scene, which included a friend of Proofs, named Eminem. Within the Detroit scene, giving out Beat tapes was a common practice at that time. One of DJ Head’s beat tapes led to producing tracks on various Eminem Albums, and becoming Eminem’s original Tour Dj (1997-2002), for tours such as: Anger Management, Up In Smoke, Warped Tour, and multiple Eminem world Tours. His resume includes performances on SNL, MTV spring break, VMA’s, AMA’s, Grammy’s, European Music Awards, 8 Mile, and also producing for such heavy hitters as Jay Z, Xzibit, Dr. Dre, D12 ( Dj/producer), Obie Trice, to name a few……  Stay Tuned!!!


Gabi Hancock

Fun and inviting, Gabi is the perfect Photo Booth attendant. She will help guide your guests and  keep order so that everyone can enjoy. Soon she will be attending college where she seeks to become a veterinarian. Her infectious laugh follows her everywhere.






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