Audio/Video Production



Capture the energy of your live show

Nothing beats a live performance, and nothing is a greater representation of your artistry than a recording performed live. We can capture each instrument and voice discretely in order to mix it down later while preserving the energy and essence of your live performance. We even make sure to capture a stereo track at an appropriate location in the room to add the appropriate ambiance to the mix, or not… its your choice. A live recording is the perfect way to give venues and potential fans a taste of what to expect at your next show. No EPK is complete without one.


A relaxed environment for your next recording project

In addition to recording on site, we offer a comfortable home setting. We offer high end recording equipment, a full allotment of processing options, and qualified professional engineers and producers. From tracking to mastering, or just adding that “secret sauce” to your home studio recordings, we can handle it.


It’s about the performance

We approach every recording we make with an open mind and ears to hear what is right and needed to make the final product the greatest representation of your performance possible. We have many years of experience working with a variety of performers and styles. Every one is different, each performance is precious. We are deeply humbled that we are capable of capturing that moment in time for you.





Lights! Camera! You!

Video is a weird animal. Much like audio recording, the job of the cameraman and editor is to capture your performance and make it all it can be. But, there is an extra responsibility with video… make sure it does no evil. We have all seen the videos that make us wonder why the ever saw the light of day. I mean, who looked at that and said “nailed it!” anyway? We won’t let that happen to you. Our goal is to add the artistic touches that flatter you and your performance. Whether that is a live band performance, a business meeting, or a pre-scripted promotional video. We bring professional broadcast quality cameras and sound recording equipment to capture you at your best. A Live performance is another essential that every band should have in their EPK.


Broadcast to the World

Want to reach a wider audience? Stream your event live with us. We can provide a complete mobile television studio to your event, festival, business meeting, or live performance. We have a combined broadcast experience of over 35 years, and can bring your next event to anyone in the world with a professional looking presentation.



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